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    Seasonality and support of our local community are central to our philosophy at Berg. We’re passionate about cooking with local, seasonal ingredients and love how they can inspire new dishes. Not only do fresh, in-season ingredients enhance flavour, they are also great for you and their consumption minimises impact on the environment.


    Happy customers

    “Fantastic fish that was extremely fresh. Everything we ordered was very good and we even indulged in 3 desserts.”
    Josie rizal
    “Amazing food. Lovely service. Best to make a reservation. Enjoy!!!”
    rachel springer
    The food is really very tasty – the wagyu sushi on the dinner menu is especially delicious and not to be missed!
    fabien smith



    dinery restaurant center

    103 North Loundoun Street., Winchester, VA
    +63 9202740366

    dinery restaurant Square

    Lake House, 13 Hanway Square, London, England